Client Resources

What to expect on your first appointment

A comprehensive dental evaluation will seek to uncover both signs and symptoms and therefore allow a thorough and thoughtful plan to restore health back to the patient as much as possible. It is always better to solve a health-related problem as soon as one detects a sign of a problem and not once the disease process has moved to the symptom stage. This is why we feel that it is important to begin a new patient relationship with a complete and thorough dental examination.

Insurance & Payment Options

We accept most Dental Insurance Plans. As a courtesy to our insured patients, we submit claims to your insurance company free of charge. Please keep in mind that the dental insurance contract is an agreement between the patient and the insurance company; therefore, the patient is responsible for the treatment cost regardless of the insurance coverage.

Post-Op Instructions

Get detailed information on care, chewing/eating habits, medications, brushing/flossing and more based on the procedure you’ve just completed.